A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss

Kissing. Different people have different views on it.  Myself, the sound of kissing is like nails on a chalkboard.  In fact, I can't listen to the song 'By the Sea' on the Sweeny Todd soundtrack because it begins with kissing noises.Don't get me wrong - I enjoy kissing.  Soft and gentle or passionate and hard, as... Continue Reading →


Parameters of a Professional Relationship – Part 1

This post is about a simple rule of thumb:  If you are in the workplace, especially if you are in a position of authority - KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF! There are some offices that are considered 'touchy', meaning that tactile actions are acceptable.  However, there are some action that are never okay. 1.  Keep... Continue Reading →

Accidently Unfair

It recently dawned on me that some things may read like I am 'against men'.  This is not the case at all.  As a female, I can only write about what I have experienced with men.  That being said, I know that women can do some really heartless, brainless things that hurt their boyfriends and/or... Continue Reading →

The Lost Art of Snuggling

I am what my family likes to call a 'cuddle bug'.  I enjoy touch and snuggling, especially when that's all that is going to happen. Over the years, I have noticed that cuddling seems to be a lost art.  As society gets more and more brazen with what is considered normal or acceptable, the art... Continue Reading →

I don't wait to be creepy and awkward. I am who I am - which means creepy and awkward comes with the territory. I've asked some of the oddest things - moments after meeting somebody. I understand that sometimes your brain is out to get you. But, sometimes it's out to protect you too. Apparently,... Continue Reading →

Making Adjustments

One of those commonly known facts about me is that I suffer from "chronic pain".  That is the diagnosis.  The doctors don't know what caused it.  They don't know why I have been in pain since I was 11 or why my joints just dislocate whenever they darn well feel like it.  People who have... Continue Reading →

Unrequited Love is Not Romantic

Potterheads tend to look at the love between Snape and LIly as the ultimate romance.  The idea that he loved her even after she married James and died, that he loved her enough to watch out for her son at all costs, that the love continued until the moment he died after a lifetime of pain... Continue Reading →

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