Why I’m single – Part 1

Why I'm single - Part 1

I don’t wait to be creepy and awkward. I am who I am – which means creepy and awkward comes with the territory.

I’ve asked some of the oddest things – moments after meeting somebody. I understand that sometimes your brain is out to get you. But, sometimes it’s out to protect you too.

Apparently, leading with “I collect pre 19th century medical tools.”  “I own bone saws.”  “Are you related to cross dresser Dave from the Philadelphia Goth community.” “You’re husband is handsome.”  “Your wife is adorable.” And a host of other things are inappropriate to say upon first meeting.  On the flip side, the person I asked the cross-dresser question to has been a friend of mine ever since.  So maybe my brain is just trying to weed out the people I let in.


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