The Lost Art of Snuggling

I am what my family likes to call a ‘cuddle bug’.  I enjoy touch and snuggling, especially when that’s all that is going to happen.

Over the years, I have noticed that cuddling seems to be a lost art.  As society gets more and more brazen with what is considered normal or acceptable, the art of cuddling for touch, comfort, or warmth has become something that is only shared between the most trusted of friends.  No longer can people simply trust that a friend of a friend will be a safe person.  Now, people have to truly keep one eye open – even when they sleep.

There are many different reasons to snuggle: touch between friends, warmth at a camping event, comfort at a stressful or fearful time.  When someone let’s you sleep next to them or share their bed, this should not be taken as an instant invitation for foreplay.  Although not always the case, if someone wanted foreplay, they would ask for it.

It is often the best idea to err on the side of caution – especially when you only recently met the person.  In today’s day and age, people are not afraid to say no.  They are not afraid to fight back.  They are not afraid to press charges.  And, an assault charge can ruin your life.  Period.

So, slow it down folks.  Take it easy.  Take the touch and snuggling for what it is and wait until you’ve met the person a few more times to push for more.  It’ll mean more when it happens and the girl will trust you more for it.


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