Accidently Unfair

It recently dawned on me that some things may read like I am ‘against men’.  This is not the case at all.  As a female, I can only write about what I have experienced with men.  That being said, I know that women can do some really heartless, brainless things that hurt their boyfriends and/or partners as well.

I know men who have been sexually harassed and/or assaulted by women, but who do not report or talk about it (often) due to the stigma attached.  This is no more acceptable than when a man mistreats a woman.

Your body is yours, and what you choose to do with it is your choice.  However, when it comes to someone elses body, this is where you lose the control.  Even if they let you have control of them – that is THEIR choice.  Not yours.

That goes for all genders about all genders.


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