Date from an Online Match

Although I do not date often, sometimes I do choose to talk to people online.  As previously mentioned, I have been part of many dating sites; JDate, eHarmony, Match, OK Cupid,  IntellectConnect, How About We... and a match making service.  Yes, really.Normally, I'd say that I'm simply that undatable.  However, I recently had a date... Continue Reading →


Online Dating: Your Goal

Online dating has taken the world by storm.  A world where distance used to keep people from dating new people has now been made smaller through technology.  According to Statistic Brain, over 40 Million people in the United States have tried online dating, of which only 17% resulted in marriage.  But, this isn't about the effectiveness... Continue Reading →

Online Dating

The next few posts will be about a not-so-new trend that I am re-engaging in after several years off: Online dating.While I am a huge proponent of meeting someone through friends, hanging out, and then deciding, "Hey! I really like this person," it's not always practical.  In my case, most of my friends - and... Continue Reading →

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