Date from an Online Match

Although I do not date often, sometimes I do choose to talk to people online.  As previously mentioned, I have been part of many dating sites; JDate, eHarmony, Match, OK Cupid,  IntellectConnect, How About We… and a match making service.  Yes, really.

Normally, I’d say that I’m simply that undatable.  However, I recently had a date with a man who I met on OKCupid.  He and I communicated for several weeks before deciding to meet.  Dinner never quite worked due to scheduling, so we decided to meet for lunch. 

 He was 30 min late, but contacted me to let me know.  When he arrived, I realized his picture was about 5 years out of date and he no longer has any of the physiques that I find attractive.  This may seem ‘wrong’, but truly I do have several ‘types’ that I go for.  The main goal is anywhere from athletic to was once athletic. He was neither.  Sigh.

Two sentences into the conversation my GAYDAR starts beeping like a bomb warning. Having dated at least one gay man, I can honestly say that my internal alarm does not always work. 

We spoke about tv shows, of which we had none in common.  I don’t watch a lot of tv, so I wasn’t surprised by that.  However, when he decided to berate me for my choice of tv shows, the date was just about over.   

At this point, I was done, but I only had about 15 minutes left anyway, so I stuck it out.  He talked about his hobbies and was deeply disappointed that in a shared historically based hobby, I’m in the middle of ‘there to have fun’ and ‘purist’. 

I’m SOOO done.  10 min to go.

He points out the beauty of the texture of the wall behind me.  Playing the cute card, I looked up – and all I saw was a glittering effect.  Which I mentioned.  When I looked at him, he rolled his eyes and looked away from me.

Check please.

When the check came he handed it off to me, which earned him an odd look.  He explained that he was going to put it on his card, so if I could just give him money for parking, that would be sufficient. I paid the waitress directly for my meal and then left.

It was one date.  It will not happen again – because *I* will not waste my time.  He has since been blocked off my account, my feed, and my phone.  Go away creeper – I’m worth better.


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