Lectures worth going to

As you all know, I think a little differently than the average woman. In that, I also have some pretty esoteric hobbies – including the History of Medicine.

Therefore, with out further ado, I present to you lectures you should make a point to attend:

Scholar, author, dancer, and creator of weird creepy things, Nicole Salomone will keep you in awe and (perhaps) “ew” as she regales you with tales of scholarly and esoteric medical practices and remedies from eighteenth century London.  Come learn about the art of medicine,sciences that have since been proven incorrect, and how misunderstandings of human anatomy and physiology lead to rumors and fears of vampires in London and in literature.  Her Liddle Sick jewelry line and novel, Forgotten,will be available for purchase.



Come to the Steampunk World’s Fair and hear her talk to the masses about: 

So you Think You Need a Doctor: 18th Century Medicine That Will Make You Happy You’re Alive Today


Back from the Dead: Vampirism in 18th Century London

You know you want to!

Tickets for Steampunk World’s Fair are located at: steampunkworldsfair.com



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