If You have Been Wronged, Speak Up

I know that I don’t write here very often anymore.  The truth is, with work and school and research, writing, and running a small business, I am all out of time.  But, this past weekend, I was a the Steampunk World’s Fair and had the pleasure – nay the honor – of attending the wonderfully passionate and strong O.M. Grey’s panels.  

She presented a wealth of information on rape, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.  She gives statistics – including which studies provided them.  She give people – not just woman, for men can be raped, harassed, and assaulted too – the knowledge that they need to either come forward or help a victim.  And, she let’s you know that you are not alone – no matter how cut off from the world around you that you feel after the trauma. 

I urge you all to read her blog: http://wearawhitefeather.wordpress.com/ because she is worth reading, worth heeding, and – if we all band together – we could make at least the sub-genre’s of geekery safe.  Then… when we all re-enter our normal lives, we could really make the work a safer place to be – and isn’t that just better for everyone?


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