The Space Between

“Hello.”A light sparkled in her eyes as she looked up from the Bible and smiled at me.  She asked me how I was doing and what was new. Eyebrows met in confusion when I asked her the name of her outreach coordinator, but she readily gave me the information when I told her that I have... Continue Reading →



“You are awesome.”I’ve been hearing that a lot lately, for what I’ve been trying to do to help my new friend, Mandy.I don’t feel awesome.  I’m just a person with the right sort of upbringing, who has done the right sort of volunteering, and have the right sort of experiences, to know that maybe –... Continue Reading →


On Friday, I heard back from the Executive Director of the Homeless Advocacy Project.  She was one of the people who I reached out to on my own, trying to find help for Mandy.  She asked me to call on Monday to go over the intake process for the shelter her association runs, since Mandy... Continue Reading →

Life on the Blvd

I saw Mandy again today. It was like seeing an old friend, even though I only really met her the once. (I missed her yesterday.)When we had last spoken, she said that she was being told by people that she was "too pretty" and "too clean" to be pan-handling. She said that she felt disgusting... Continue Reading →

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