In the Wind

It's been over a week since I returned from vacation.  Most days I still walk by Mandy's spot.  I've only seen her once.  I bought her breakfast.  I noticed she was dressed a little better than she had been.  I smiled, hoping that other people were being kind to her as well.  We talked for... Continue Reading →


Meeting women online

All right folks - let's get a few things clear...If you're going to date online, you have to remember that while your profile is an introduction to the others on whatever website you're on, the truth of the matter is that how to speak to the person to begin with is the real introduction.What Did You... Continue Reading →

The Battle May Be Lost

I've kept an eye out for Mandy this past week.  She's not normally at the same place.  There's almost always someone else there.I saw her yesterday and she seemed more than happy just to say hello.  Today I bought her breakfast.  I don't know if she'll ever get into a shelter or get the help... Continue Reading →

That’s Not Mandy

The best laid plans and all that...Friday (not last, but the one before that) I was running late when I got out of work.  I needed to get on the road before traffic.  I needed to get to my dad's and start my vacation.  And I was running late. For the first time in a long... Continue Reading →

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