Meeting women online

All right folks – let’s get a few things clear…

If you’re going to date online, you have to remember that while your profile is an introduction to the others on whatever website you’re on, the truth of the matter is that how to speak to the person to begin with is the real introduction.

What Did You Just Call Me?

I have yet to meet the female who wants to be called ‘woman’.  “What’s up, woman?” is not appropriate. There are usernames for a reason.  Same goes for ‘bitch’ and ‘slut’. These are not terms of endearment… at least not in the beginning.  Maybe later in the relationship, but to start it’s abrasive and offensive.  I have a name- even if it’s just a username.  Use it. 



Yes, I’m being a nagging harpy.  Calling women ‘woman’ or ‘girl’ or ‘pretty lady’ takes the person out of the female you’re talking to.  Suddenly we lose our identity because we’re just a ‘thing’ or a pronoun to you.




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