I Have a Bad Feeling About This

Tuesdays are my fencing night. Week after week, I force myself to leave work on time, sprint to the subway that I take to the next state over, get in my car and then drive an hour and a half north.  I love this - it's the day I put 'me' first.  Not my goals... Continue Reading →


Success is Not a Road Traveled Alone

As some of you may know, I am an independent scholar who studies the history of medicine during the 18th century.  I am just starting my junior year of my undergrad, but have already given multiple lectures, including at the national level and have 2 more national conferences scheduled for this year. I work a... Continue Reading →

I Found the Magic

I'm not just a philanthropist.  Which is good, since - as evidenced by my adventures with Mandy - I'm not a good philanthropist.  Since this blog is supposed to be about what else I do in my life, it's probably a good time to write about the one thing that has had me giggling all... Continue Reading →

Me and my heart

Recently, I was telling a friend about Mandy. We played through various scenarios. Was she a con? Did I step into something bigger with the homeless shelters? I told him that people thought I was inspiring, and that it felt weird. It's not like I did anything that was permanent. Just a meal here and some... Continue Reading →

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