Success is Not a Road Traveled Alone

As some of you may know, I am an independent scholar who studies the history of medicine during the 18th century.  I am just starting my junior year of my undergrad, but have already given multiple lectures, including at the national level and have 2 more national conferences scheduled for this year.

I work a full time job, while going to school full time, and researching.  People look at me and say:

I don’t fully agree.  Yes, I am building my way towards success.  Yes, I am killing myself and putting my academic and from there professional success before everything else.  Yes, I am willing to do whatever it takes and look forward to never having to stay in one place more than 5 years.  But, this is not all me.

My first lecture was with the Medical History Society of New Jersey. I was fed up with my job.  I was fed up with fencing.  I had stopped dancing.  All I wanted to do was do something that made me happy.  I had already researched the history of medicine for about a decade and I wanted to talk about what I knew. I was lucky – after discussing my research with one of the past president’s, I was allowed to lecture.  That was in May 2011.

That I did on my own.  Since then, I have been mentored by friends in academic roles.  People have talked to museums, newspapers, libraries, local book stores, historical societies, even universities on my behalf.  Through their connections, I’m a lecturer at a local university – in their History of Medicine lectureship program.  I have spoken to the public at museums and set up exhibits in hospitals.  It’s been amazing.

Sometimes I’ll post something to facebook and think that the road is a dead end.  But, then a friend will introduce me to someone who shows me the way around the roadblock.  And, before I know it, I’m getting somewhere… going further that some PhD’s that I know… and I’m only at the beginning of my journey.

So, the road to success is not traveled alone.  I wouldn’t be half a far as I am now without my friends.  So, my road to success looks more like this:

I love you guys.  Thank you so much for making this road easier to travel.


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