Doughnuts for the Homeless

there is a Dunkin Donuts right across the street from where I work.  And, while there is a Starbucks down the road, it seems that Philadelphian ‘run on Dunkin’ – as their slogan says.  Day after day, I go in and see that receipts are left haphazardly on the counter – piles of them – like they are only being held onto long enough to make certain that people receive their correct order.

What they don’t seem to notice is that on the bottom of these receipts is a survey that can be filled out either online or over the phone.  For their time and feedback, the receipt holder receives a code for a free doughnut.

But, they’re not doing the survey. So they’re not getting the doughnut.  In fact, nobody is getting the doughnut.

I understand that many people who are in the area of my office can afford to get Dunkin at least once a week, if not more than once per day.  There are farmers markets in the area and gourmet cheese shops, gourmet sandwich shops, sushi restaurants, ramen, and many other types of restaurants that cost about $15 per person for LUNCH.  So, perhaps the neighborhood is a little more affluent than others and they don’t want the doughnuts – the sugar, the starch, the weight gain factors.  Perhaps they feel they have outgrown their doughnut and they don’t want to be hassled by their receipt, let alone taking a survey.

So, I am starting a  Slow Blink Doughnuts for the Homeless Challenge.

I challenge you to keep your receipts, take the 2 minute survey and get the doughnut.  Then -if you don’t want the doughnut – give it to a homeless person.  Let me know how many people you give a doughnut to. We can compete with each other – maybe each region, or state, or city/town.  One by one we can make a difference – for FREE.  Just post your city, state, and doughnut count. 🙂

The more I hear back from people, the more I will post about this.  And, of course, I will post how many doughnuts I give away too.


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