Liddle Sicks

As some of you may know, I have my own jewelry line: Liddle Sicks.  These are clay representations of the diseases I study when I do my History of Medicine research.  Basically, they are things that can make you a little "liddle" sick. Some of them even have little faces! They're ADORABLE.  And better yet,... Continue Reading →


My Imagination Keeps Me Sane

In a strange turn of events last Thursday morning, I got on the train right after one of the two I take every morning.  Freaked out over the perception of how late I was, I muttered to myself trying to figure out if I should run to DD to get some coffee, or simply drink... Continue Reading →

Almost There –

I was just accepted into University. While exciting, this is something that happens to most people - doesn't it?  I mean, as long as you can pay (or get loans), they'll let anyone in - won't they? We'll, as Alan Doyle says, "It's a long way to Heaven; it's a long way back." (1)  ... Continue Reading →

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