It’s Cholera and He’s Happy to See You!

This infectious intestinal disease will be infectious in style and design, too! These teeny tiny green cholera will add flair and make any outfit chic!  He’s smiling because he’s happy to meet you, and you’ll be so happy you brought him home. Known as the wasting disease, cholera created havoc for the body as well... Continue Reading →


Smashable Cancers

Much to my heartbreak, this past year I lost a dear friend due to pancreatic cancer.  Deciding to test the cathartic abilities of my smashable cancers, I took one of the pancreatic cancers and beat the heck out of it with a hammer until one piece shot out of sight and the other remained rocking... Continue Reading →

What Does a Liddle Look Like?

What?  What does a Liddle LOOK LIKE?! Well obviously, you haven't been to my Etsy page yet, but I won't hold that against you. Liddles are adorable.  They are perfectly sized for jewelry - generally in 2ml wish bottles.  They are weighted perfectly for wearing as necklaces or earrings.  And they are durable - which is important... Continue Reading →

Liddle Sicks on Twitter and Facebook

So, I've been getting questions about my research and how to find out more about it.  Really, the best way is to either follow Liddle Sicks on Facebook or Twitter: Facebook: LiddleSicks Twitter: @Liddle_Sicks AND/OR You can come see me present on my vampire research at many of the Jeff Mach events.  My next event... Continue Reading →

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