Smashable Cancers

Much to my heartbreak, this past year I lost a dear friend due to pancreatic cancer.  Deciding to test the cathartic abilities of my smashable cancers, I took one of the pancreatic cancers and beat the heck out of it with a hammer until one piece shot out of sight and the other remained rocking back and forth.

While I can never dull the emptiness that his death causes, I can say that at the end of the beat down I felt better.

Sheldon the Just – this is for you.  Dance yourself silly wherever you are.


Smashable Cancers: Pancreatic Cancer


Sheldon, old friend, this is for you.

Liddle Sicks makes smashable cancers in: Breast Cancer (pink), Pancreatic Cancer (blue), Lung Cancer (red & pink), and General Cancer (green).


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