It’s Cholera and He’s Happy to See You!

This infectious intestinal disease will be infectious in style and design, too! These teeny tiny green cholera will add flair and make any outfit chic!  He’s smiling because he’s happy to meet you, and you’ll be so happy you brought him home.

Smiling Cholera Necklace

Known as the wasting disease, cholera created havoc for the body as well as the community.  Between 1830-1832, a cholera epidemic swept through Europe.  Caused by microscopic organisms in contaminated water, cholera affected tens of thousands of people.  Although cures ranged from bleeding the patient to opium, nothing really helped.  This was because nothing killed the organism.  All that people could hope for was to stay hydrated and alive.

Read The Treatment & Prevention of Epidemic Cholera from 1849 here.


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