In the Spotlight: Vapours!

Vapours comes to us from 18th century England, but it really became popular in the late 19th century.  Don’t let these small spirals fool you.  Cute as our liddles are, they tend to attack the weak women so tied up by their corsets that they can’t eat, drink, or breath properly. Vapours make them weak,... Continue Reading →


Gift Cards for Mandy

The other day I needed to go pick something up at Rite Aid, by work.  I was on my way to meet a Lecture group, who was interested in my speaking.  I needed make up.  I needed a cab.  Both could be gotten in/near that location. I ran in, not thinking about anything, but when... Continue Reading →

Renfield? Like from Dracula?

Yes - from Dracula... Renfield’s Syndrome is the neurological compulsion to drink blood.  The disease has only been named for the past ~20 years (since 1992), but it could have existed for hundreds of years before.  This could explain why learned physicians such as William Tebb in the early 20th century and the monk Augustin... Continue Reading →

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