Plagues and Past Times

As part of my squiggly wiggly path towards being a real life academic, I became lucky enough to get a teacher who is letting me help with their class.  Best yet – it’s a History of Disaster and Disease in Society class!  Basically, my job is to find context sites – literature, music, dance, etc of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and the Early Modern Eras.  Whoo hoo!  I’ve done some of this before.  But, I want to show that I know what sources are – and that I’m picky about what I use.

I’m finding some truly AWESOME material, and I really want to share it with you!

A first hand account of the black death of the 14th century: Here.

Roger Frugard of Parma Chiurgica, 14th century

Instruments from Albumazar’s Treatise on Astrology

For someone like me who has spent about 1/3 of her life studying this history of dance, this, from the Book of Hours,is really cool!  I feel like she’s saying YAY! which is just what I’m saying too!

And, who says dragon’s aren’t real?

A Scene in Hell from a Book of Hours


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