Skipping Thanksgiving

This week I chose to skip Thanksgiving.

For someone who really enjoys seeing their family, looks forward to the food, and is the first on line for Black Friday shopping, my choice to take the time off and head to Canada was odd.

Odder still was that I did this because I had grad school interviews up there.  I have friends who were kind enough to let me stay, and take me to these interviews.

Today is Thanksgiving… in the US.  In Canada the holiday happens in October.  So, my friends are working.

So, what do I do home alone for a day?  The same thing I always do… I bake.

Today I have baked an apple crisp, a piecakein (or a pake), a tiny black forest cake, and three mini cherry pies.

It’s now almost 3:00pm.

I know that I have to do things – I need to thank the people who were kind enough to meet with me at the University.  I need to do homework.  I need to research.  And, I need to start my lecture for Oxford.

The problem is all I want to do is cook.

I know that my friends don’t always have time to cook for themselves. So, I’m going to make them a few freezer meals.  Then I’ll get my day started.

I’m having odd flashbacks to when I lived in Boston.  I loved Boston.  I know this is an odd day off.   But, I have to say, so far, I love Ottawa too.

(Pictures to follow)


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