Research Crawl

I'm going to London next week... then Oxford... then back to London for a day of a Research Crawl.  That is to say I'm finally going to get to SEE the things that I read about. Of course, some things I won't actually be able to SEE because the 18th century was a long time... Continue Reading →


Sourcing my Facts

As I continue to get ready for my lecture at Oxford (now in less than 2 weeks), sourcing my facts is both life sucking and terrifying.  What if I read something wrong?  What if something has been disproven?  What if the person on the team who took that picture that I used and cited, is... Continue Reading →

A Double Look at Old Research

As I'm sure you've read by now, I'm a history of medicine scholar.  I focus (primarily) in 18th century England - although I've done a fair amount of research back to the 16th century and up to the early 20th century.  This way, I can understand how my research fits in the context of the... Continue Reading →

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