Sourcing my Facts

As I continue to get ready for my lecture at Oxford (now in less than 2 weeks), sourcing my facts is both life sucking and terrifying.  What if I read something wrong?  What if something has been disproven?  What if the person on the team who took that picture that I used and cited, is in the room and their findings disagree with what I”m using the picture for?

a89274125446da2a9ce1a101c08c0b3eBecause really no one says it better than Charlie Brown.

And, of course, the Boyfriend (yes, that’s right, capital ‘B’ Boyfriend) said something totally heartless, so I’m desperately trying not to think about that.  But, that’s what little sisters are for, and I’ve been texting her on the side.

This is why I didn’t want both a career and a boyfriend… too much to think about – too many distractions.  But, I’ll be honest, for the most part, I really enjoy the distractions.  I like how he cares about my research, and I really do love him. So, I learn this weaving of both research based career, schooling, and lectures, with a wonderful guy, and hope to hell that it all folds together.

Little Sister: Breathe.

Me: *Dubious glare from hell*

To be fair the ‘breathe; just relax’ useless advice has been passed back and forth between us so often that I don’t think it serves any purpose than to get the dubious glare from hell – on either side.  That’s what sisters are for.

And then there are the other things that are derailing and terrifying and sort of having something to do with what I’m talking about, but not at all and I’m like I have to share it with someone – so now I’m sharing it here, and you should read it.



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