Research Crawl

I’m going to London next week… then Oxford… then back to London for a day of a Research Crawl.  That is to say I’m finally going to get to SEE the things that I read about.

Of course, some things I won’t actually be able to SEE because the 18th century was a long time ago. That means a lot of the things I want to see – like the coffee house in St. Paul’s Churchyard, where the Society for the Recovery of Drowned persons was started – or the Hyde Park Receiving House – have been destroyed.

But there are some pretty cool pictures of the latter that are still in existence.  The Receiving House – Seen Above- was torn down in 1834.  But, seeing the site where it was may help me understand why – or how – people were taken there.

I also want to go to the location of the current Royal Humane Society – even though they are closed for the weekend.  Same thing for the Royal College of Physicians.  Just being able to touch it will be cool.  So cool.

Jumping up and down in a circle level of cool.

What? I didn’t say *I* was cool.  The building is though!



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