I Want to Be an Adjunct

I know I haven’t really been checking in – and I apologize.

Since I was last here:

I compared Hello Fresh with Blue Apron.  I like Blue Apron better.  They are about the same cost, but the meals are things I’ll actually eat, and they didn’t take my deactivated account, reactivate it, and send me 3 meals I won’t eat, while charging me $75 to do it.  Yes, Hello Fresh did that.  No, they did not refund the money.  I didn’t eat any of the food.  I canceled my membership.  I have nothing more to say about that crazy mess.

By the way, my average cost per meal when I cook for myself is $3.50 – $5.00.  The most discounted meal plan (yay coupons!) made the meals $6.00 each.  The recipes were good… the food was over priced.  Pick up a cookbook, shop the list, save the money.

I have leveled up in Pampered Chef.  See above, I like to cook.  But, I LOVE to bake.  I joined Pampered Chef about a year and a half ago to save money off of the cost of what I wanted.  Consultants save 20%-40% off items!  I now have four wonderful people on my team.  They all have different goals and time commitments, but are successful in their own goals, and I couldn’t be happier.  Contact me if you want to learn more about how Pampered Chef can help you reach your goals.

I have presented my independent research at the British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, at Oxford University (St. Hugh’s College).  This is the second time that I presented this research, and I was well accepted by the wonderful scholars out there. Someday I will live there – in England I mean.  Those are my people, and where my research has the best chance of success.  But, that is a someday goal.  For now goals are different.

I have gotten engaged!  Not bad for someone who swore off dating huh?  I am just as surprised as you are, and never saw it coming.  But, I enjoyed dating my boyfriend – who the universe said ‘you two are dating now’ and gave us little choice.  So, when the time came I could think of nothing that I would rather do than keep my relationship with this wonderful man.  He was worth waiting for.  Advice to single folks – you have to be 100% aware (if not comfortable) with yourself and who you are to find the right person to match that.  Anyway – back to other life.

I recently graduated with my BA in History!  This was a labor of love, and I am really super proud of myself.  I went to school full time while working full time and doing research (and working at a relationship).  During this time I also started fencing 1-2 times a week (stress release), doing yoga, and oil painting.  (Check out my Etsy!)

Currently, I’m looking into grad schools.  Sounds late right?  Well, like so many other history majors (yes, I’m continuing on in history), I didn’t get into my first five choices (4 domestic, one international).  Okay, fine. No problem.  I will carve out my own way.  Who said it had to be easy?  It certainly hasn’t been during my journey.  That’s okay.  I’m not afraid of hard work.


So, what about that title, hm?  I Want to Be an Adjunct.  You see, as a History major there are many options for me.  I could work in a college, a university, or an institution.  I could stay in healthcare.  I could work in civil service, and do well in management.  You see having a Masters says that I have focus, drive, and ‘higher thinking’.  And, yes, while I would like to have a full time tenured position someday – that has gone on the shelf with living in England and getting a PhD.

I am an adult learner.  I attained my second AA and my BA in my 30s – on a full time basis (4 – 5 courses per term)  This means I had to do this while I was working a full time, up to 14 hour a day job.  I have adult bills and responsibilities.  Therefore, I had to take a hybrid option.  This means that some of my classes were online and others were in person.

My in person classes were at night and on weekends.  They were taught by passionate professors, who wanted to help adult learners.  They didn’t treat us like kids.  They didn’t talk down to us.  They understood if we were late it was because we had work or kids or life.  Traffic was an acceptable excuse for tardiness.  They understood that our life and work experience meant something, and used it to help us understand the class.  It was a different methodology of learning, and I liked it.  No, I loved it.

I haven’t had classes for about five months now, but I still email three of my professors regularly. They were good people, and I want to keep up with them.  As adults it’s not odd – in fact, I was about the same age as my professors in 2 of those 3 cases.  We have the same generational understandings, and biases.  We have similar issues with family because we’re going through it at the same time.   The generation gap that was always so present when I went to college the first time (nearly 20 years ago) was no longer present.  And I liked that.  I liked feeling like my teachers understood me.  And, I liked that they didn’t have to grade us nicely.  If we didn’t do the work, we failed.  I know several that did.  They pushed us harder than we thought we could, made us memorize more facts than we knew existed.  They let us do the work instead of spoon feeding us, and that is how I retained most of my information.

Because adult learners are typically working during the day – they are also taking these hybrid sort of courses – online, at night, on weekends.  And, thus far, there isn’t a tenure track for professors who want to focus on adult learners.  So, for now, well for then – as I’ll have to wait until I get my MA to teach these wonderful people who have decided to take out more loans (read: more debt) in order to forward their life goals and aspirations … For then, I want be an adjunct.  Because the people who don’t fit the mold deserve teachers dedicated to their specific needs.

This idea of different teaching for different needs seems to only apply to people with learning differences – disabilities or otherwise.  It’s thought of as a new teaching methodology for a younger generation.  But, it is important to understand that this methodology can also be used for older generations.  People who have work and life experience.  People who may even be older than the professor.

Let me say it again.

Even if it means I have to work a day job to work my night/weekend job.  Even if it puts the PhD and/or a tenure position on the shelf for a little bit.  Even if it means that I have to use my training and understanding differently than what my own educators and educational institutions may have intended.

I want to be an adjunct.



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