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Writing for Royalty

"Why do you write like you're running out of time?" While this question is generally attributed to the musical Hamilton, it is a question that people have been asking me since I was twelve.  First writing in notebooks during school, and then passing notes of chapters and parts of chapters between friends as we collaborated to... Continue Reading →


Stuff What No Longer Exists… A Re-Enactors Conundrum

I love being a historian.  I love being a scholar.  I love doing research.  And I super love making the things that I research.  In 18th century medicine, there are many many things that I cannot make because the DEA would be on me like white on rice.  Many of these medicines included things like opium,... Continue Reading →

I Am Not the Fencer I Was

It's been about four years since I came back to fencing. "Fear kills dreams.  Fear kills hope.  Fear puts people in the hospital.  Fear can age you, can hold you back from doing something that you know within yourself that you are capable of doing, but it will paralyze you." - Gym Blog Central Coming... Continue Reading →

I Want to Be an Adjunct

I know I haven't really been checking in - and I apologize. Since I was last here: I compared Hello Fresh with Blue Apron.  I like Blue Apron better.  They are about the same cost, but the meals are things I'll actually eat, and they didn't take my deactivated account, reactivate it, and send me... Continue Reading →

Does This Sound Smart?

As I sit her amidst a sea of papers, research notes scribbled on post its that were once color coded, but now are just one bland band of brightly colored snippets of thought that have crossed my raw bleeding mind, as I wonder what one earth I am doing here.  I sit back and stare... Continue Reading →

Maybe He Doesn’t Hit You

I know this is not usually what I post about. But do remember that slow blink started as a adventures in dating website. Here are some Adventures I never talked about.

Ella Dawson

photo-1422504090664-c57eba84293fThis essay was inspired by the hashtag campaign #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou, started by Zahira Kelly (@bad_dominicana) to share experiences of emotional abuse. If you are worried you are in an abusive relationship, click here to get help.

Maybe he doesn’t hit you but he warns you that he has a dark side he will make every effort to prevent you from seeing. You’re cuddled up in your narrow, squeaky dorm bed and it’s a weeknight, still early in the relationship, and he has these boy band dimples when he smiles. It sounds like such a cliché that you do not take it seriously. Whatever this spoiled, exceptionally dressed teenager throws at you will be no problem. He is sweet and funny and has a talent for saying exactly the right thing but in the most inventive assortment of words possible. On some late Wednesday night, or maybe it’s even the…

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Research Crawl

I'm going to London next week... then Oxford... then back to London for a day of a Research Crawl.  That is to say I'm finally going to get to SEE the things that I read about. Of course, some things I won't actually be able to SEE because the 18th century was a long time... Continue Reading →

Sourcing my Facts

As I continue to get ready for my lecture at Oxford (now in less than 2 weeks), sourcing my facts is both life sucking and terrifying.  What if I read something wrong?  What if something has been disproven?  What if the person on the team who took that picture that I used and cited, is... Continue Reading →

A Double Look at Old Research

As I'm sure you've read by now, I'm a history of medicine scholar.  I focus (primarily) in 18th century England - although I've done a fair amount of research back to the 16th century and up to the early 20th century.  This way, I can understand how my research fits in the context of the... Continue Reading →

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